To be able to deliver quality service to our customers, we invest time and resources substantially in the growth and development of our team. We are looking for people who love to work in a start up firm and combine passion and ability for work in the respective domains.

The following positions are open with us.

We provide off-site/on-line interpretation and reporting services of radiographic images for hospitals and practices across the world through our experienced teleradiology team. Currently we provide services in the following modalities.

Medical Tourism Facilitation

We provide assistance to international patients in accessing quality health care in India and Germany. We make available necessary information for health care seekers about destination country, hospitals, facilities, doctors etc to help their decision making. We also help coordinate various allied services, including VISA procurement, travel booking and hotel reservations, required by the patients for their medical travel.

Telemedicine which could only be dreamt of a few years ago is now a reality. Telemedicine is nothing but a method of remotely diagnosing and treating patients by means of telecommunications and technology. The program is aimed at improving the accessibility to specialty care without having to travel.

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The advancement in technology have had a huge impact on the medical field making its way for use of sophisticated techniques in providing medical aid. One such outcome of this technological advancement is “Telemedicine”.

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