Liver is a vital organ performing various important functions of our body like protein synthesis, lipid and glucose metabolism, manufacturing bile, controlling digestion and metabolism, detoxification, combating infections, and many more. For ages coffee was known as being bad for health. Since a few years, the therapeutic effects of coffee have surprised all the coffee critics, and now coffee is considered as beneficial for health.

The Straits Times newspaper reported on a study conducted on the ethnic Chinese of Singapore. The study evaluated that those who consumed three or more cups of coffee a day are almost 44% lesser susceptible to developing liver cancer. Coffee beans contain cafestol oil and kahweol oil which have anti-cancerous property and protects the liver.

Cirrhosis of liver is one of the underlying causative factors that can lead to liver cancer. Various studies have shown that coffee can reduce the risks of cirrhosis of liver and thus it can control the risk of liver cancer. It has been studied that coffee has the ability to reduce the risks of various cancers like prostrate, colon, bladder, mouth, breast etc, besides liver.

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