Almost 35 million people are believed to be suffering from Alzheimer’s. If somebody falls for no particular reason, he must be evaluated for dementia, says William Thies, the Alzheimer's Association's scientific director.

Many a time’s patients visit ophthalmologists due to vision impairment which is one of the few initial signs of the Alzheimer’s. Scientist’s claim that, now on conducting eye test by taking photography of the retina it would be easier to identify the disease.  Researchers from Australia’s national science agency CSIRO developed this test that involved measuring the width of the blood vessels of the retina.

The test was conducted on 136 individuals of whom 13 were suffering from the disease, and 13 individuals who have mild cognitive impairment.  It was studied that the width of the blood vessels in the normal were different from those who we suffering. This recent finding further supported the study of Dr. Lee Goldstein of Boston University that the amyloid protein which forms the Alzheimer's brain plaque can be measured in the lens of the eyes indicating their risks of being prone to the disease.



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