Each one of us dream to have flawless glowing skin which is free of acne. But there are only a few fortunate ones who are blessed with healthy flawless skin. The remaining lot suffers from permanent skin scarring due to acne which shows no sign of leaving the skin alone despite of having taken suitable medications from dermatologists.

There are many reasons for why acne occurs but the most common reason is the accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells in the hair follicles which inflames or turns into an infection as a result of bacteria acting upon it. Even after taking several measures if you don’t seem to get rid of acne, then birth control pills can do the trick for you.

When acne is not responding well to the regular treatments, then it is possible to put a full stop to acne with consumption of oral contraceptives (birth control pills). As discussed earlier, the main cause of acne is a result of accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells in the hair follicles and birth control pills act directly in reducing the sebum buildup. However, it is best advised to take these contraceptives with the other medications for acne like the creams with salicylic acid, ointments, etc.  as prescribed by the dermatologist.

Nevertheless, care should be taken before taking these birth control pills because not all birth control pills can treat acne and the only ones that can treat acne should contain estrogen and progesterone. One also needs to take suitable care and consult the physician before taking birth control pills to fight acne as the medical history needs to be taken into consideration.  Though the result is not immediate as it may take quite a few months to see the effects, having taken it under suitable guidance, one can definitely say goodbye to acne through birth control pills.

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