As we age we begin battling against getting older, trying to find the so called “fountain of youth”, most of the time only to be unhappy because getting older is something that unavoidable. But who wouldn’t want to stay young forever without being predestined to those scary wrinkles and crumples. With determination and hard work it is definitely possible to stay younger for longer. For those who are looking out to beat the clock of life here are a few secrets to stay young for long.

Beat the stress

Many of us may not be aware of the fact that both stress and aging are closely related. Stress leads to a rise in cholesterol levels which in turn leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, increase weight etc.  Therefore the first secret to beating the clock of life is to beat the stress.  Meditating, practicing yoga or playing your favorite game can contribute significantly in reducing stress.

Do it the “loving” way

A sexual feeling never gets faded and that is why it is so rewarding. Many of us are not aware that another secret to staying young is to keep the passion alive. According to a recent study, women who enjoy sex lives longer.

Never overeat

If you really are worried about aging, never overeat. With age it becomes really important to keep a close check on your diet. Eating right largely contributes in cutting down your calorie intake thereby lowering the T3 levels which in turn slows the aging process. Also include a lot of green leafy vegetables in your diet.

Say yes to Red Wine

Drinking a glass or two of red wine contributes to anti-aging. It is the antioxidants in red wine that works wonders when it comes to aging and thus is associated with longer lives.




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