Diabetes is considered as a global health crisis. Many individuals including children and teenagers are susceptible to the disease. In fact, the World Health Organisation or most commonly known as WHO predicts that it will be included in the top ten leading causes of death in 2030. Despite the alarming statistics, many people are still unaware of the illness. If you are one of them, some important information that you should know about the disease include:

Understanding diabetes

Insulin normalizes sugar in your body. It also has the ability to store excess glucose inside the liver. The lack or absence of it causes higher concentration of sugar in your bloodstream, resulting to diabetes mellitus. There are two types of diabetes - Type 1 and Type 2. The latter is due to unhealthy consumption of food while the former is because of genetics.

Consequences of diabetes

Some effects of diabetes such as lower energy levels and eye complications are not life threatening. However, over the long run untreated diabetes can suffer from serious health issues such as kidney failure and nerve damage. There is also higher risk of developing a heart disease and dying from a stroke. According to statistics, at least 50% of diabetics died not because of diabetes, but due to cardiovascular illnesses.

Prevention and cure

Diabetes may be a serious disease, but it can be prevented through wiser lifestyle and food choices. For instance, instead of having ice-cream or cake for dessert, opt for a healthier alternative like mango or strawberries. If you frequently consume sugary beverages such as energy drinks and sodas, drinking water is a refreshing substitute. As for the cure, experts believe that the disease is irreversible. However, a latest research suggests otherwise. According to an early trial conducted by Stanford researchers, effects of Type 1 diabetes can be reversed by injecting a DNA vaccine that triggers the immune system to attack beta cells present in the pancreas.  

Diabetes is a serious health issue. When you become a victim, expect occurrence of other complications like low blood pressure and kidney failure. Once the damage is too extensive, premature death can be the only outcome. With that in mind, it is important to reconsider your lifestyle and food choices. As much as possible, you should regularly exercise and eat a healthy diet.  

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