A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience state that musical training before 7 years of age has a significant effect on the development of brain structure, mainly the part of the brain which helps in motor abilities. Studies also showed that the benefits obtained persist throughout life.
Several earlier studies have proven that music training or any musical instrument lessons benefit children in many other ways more than entertainment. Musical studies involve the usage of the both motor and sensory regions of the brain. It involves auditory, visual and motor skill. It also enhances the co-ordination between these activities. It is known to improve the cognitive skills and memory of the person.  
Researchers from the Concordia University studied 36 adult musicians who had same years of training and experience. Half of these have started musical training before seven years of age and the remaining half started at a later age.   Brain scans of the people who started their training before seven years showed an enhanced white matter in the corpus callosum (nerve fibres interconnecting the right and left lobes of motor regions of the brain) and the motor skills of this group showed more accurate timing than the other half.  The findings revealed that the earlier the training started the greater was the connectivity.
The brain scans of those who started their training at later age and the brain scans of non-musicians showed no difference. This suggests that the brain development in this aspect happens early in childhood or not at all.
Experts concluded that the music training early in childhood is more effective as certain parts of the brain are more sensitive at that early age, and the cognitive and motor skills help them beyond the ability of playing a musical instrument.

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