Aloe vera is the natural medicine with miraculous healing ability. Most of skin care products, topical medicines; shampoos and many other cosmetics have aloe vera as an active ingredient. Aloe drinks and aloe gels are gaining popularity due to their innumerable health benefits.

Studies conducted on aloe vera gel revealed the presence of water, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, digestive stimulants, glyco-proteins, and enzymes along with several active phyto-nutrients that are necessary for the human health.
Aloe vera is not only used externally for several skin ailments, but also used internally as the nutrients present in the gel are vital for the body.
Health Benefits When Used Externally: Direct application of aloe vera gel on the skin is more effective and safe than commercially available skin care products of aloe vera.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera help in curing the pimples and acme.   Regular application in the affected area reduces scarring.
  • Aloe vera works as an anti-septic. It halts infection and accelerates wound healing.
  • It is very effective on sun burns, cuts, bruises, scrapes, eczema, bites and stings and also gives relief from the radiation treatment burns.
  • Moisturises, hydrates and nourishes the skin, it also enhances the skin glow.
  • Excellent conditioner of the hair also gives relief from dandruff.

Health Benefits When Used Internally: The health benefits of aloe vera when used internally outnumber the topical uses of it.

  • Aloe vera enhances the digestion, improves bowel movement, helps in the absorption of nutrients, reduces acidity and functions as a natural detoxifying agent.
  • It supplies the daily dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients.
  • Aloe vera boosts the immune system with its anti-oxidants, which are in abundance in its juice.
  • Its anti-inflammatory function helps in healing painful joints.
  • Increases the energy levels. It also helps in maintaining body weight.

Apart from these, other health benefits like lowering of cholesterol, prevention of kidney stones, maintenance of blood sugar and halting of tumour growth are also experienced by many regular users.

Therefore, with all these benefits we all should accept that it is a “Miracle Plant”.

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