Celebrating festivals and holidays with friends and family and with lots of mouth-watering, delicious food is overwhelming. Studies show that the average holiday weight gain is around 2 to 3 pounds. This might accumulate over the years, and the outcome might be scary, especially with heart patients.

Studies suggest that by following simple steps, we can cut down the extra holiday weight and also stay heart healthy.
Prioritize Your Workouts: Making time for exercise without disturbing other activities during holidays is important. If allotting separate time is not possible then taking night walks, trekking, engaging in outdoor activities and games with family, friends and kids can be entertaining and also help in burning extra calories.
Healthy Eating: Following healthy cooking and healthy diet are important not only for maintaining weight but also health. Sticking to a low fat, low calorie and high fibre diet is essential for the healthy heart. Salads with a low fat dressing, fruits and vegetables, pasta made out of whole grain, fish, poultry and lean meat are better choices for the health. Avoiding solid fat and rich gravy items is always advised. Most importantly, eating in smaller servings helps in maintaining good health during the holiday season.
Selection of Beverages: Sugary drinks add a lot of calories and do not satisfy hunger. Unsweetened ice tea, hot spiced tea and coffee instead of aerated drinks, cocoa, apple cider and eggnog are better choices. Limiting the alcohol intake is extremely important during parties and gatherings.
Dessert Choices: Saying no may not be easy at the dinner table with family and friends. So, best way to reduce calories on desserts is having small servings like a thin slice of cake or a small bite of cookie. Opting for low sugar or sugar free desserts is always better.     
Enjoying family and also managing health can easily be achieved by strategically planning the holidays. 
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