Did you ask for an extra dash of lemon syrup on your chicken curry today? Or your pohas taste nothing interesting without the sprinkle of lemon on top? And did you not have a glass of limbu sherbat on your way to office today?

If you feel guilty of having done most of the above events, pat yourself. For you are in for doing some good to your health. Lets sneak into the benefits of asking lemon to accompany your meals and snacks.

Are you vulnerable to high blood pressure? Dash in some lemon for its high potassium content could get peace for your mind and body. Lemon would also help you control the risk of heart diseases as well as prevent nausea and dizziness.

Lemon's ability to help stomach rehabilitate to be able to lose the extra kilos on it is also wellknown. A few drops of lemon with early morning dark tea alongside honey to a glass of lemon juice to vanish you stomach aches or digestion problems are commonly suggested solutions around. And they do work!

Lemon is also your remedy to glowing skin. So substitute all those chemicals and expensive cosmetics and try some lemon in your diet. Lemon will help you itching throat as well!

Lemon's multi-abilities that are mentioned above come from these ingredients that constitute to its being:

  • Vitamin C (glowing skin, anti-ageing properties)
  • Antibacterial properties (sore throat)
  • Potassium content (blood pressure, heart related risks)
  • Content with digestive properties

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