Compared to olden days, physical activity in our daily routine has tremendously reduced. Most of the domestic chores which were done manually are performed by machines today. With modern conveniences, human body is getting very little exercise. Even children, who used to spend most of the time playing outdoors, are confining themselves to T.V. and Computer. It was accepted by World Health Organisation that sedentary life style is the basic reason for the increase of chronic diseases and premature deaths. Evidences show that people who are involved in a daily physical activity, not only have enhanced physical health, but also are emotionally healthier than sedentary people.

  • Enhanced Health Benefits: Physical activity reduces the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, strokes and hypertension. Regular exercise improves muscle and bone strength and accelerates immune system. It also helps in gaining attractive, toned body.
  • Enhanced Emotional Benefits: Physical activity increases the ability to handle stress, anxiety and depression. It improves concentration, increases self-esteem, develops positive attitude, helps in improving social life, and ensures sleep and relaxation. It also provides an opportunity to escape from daily routine for a short while.

Studies show that all these mentioned benefits could be achieved, irrespective of age and gender, on spending at least 30 minutes on any kind of severe physical activity. As many scientists have confirmed that physical activity is the best treatment for well-being of both body and mind, then why not make some time for it in our daily routine.


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