Robotic heart surgery also known as the unmanned surgery was developed with the aim of overcoming the limitations of the minimally invasive cardiac surgeries. The robotic cardiac surgery is done using the Da Vinci surgical system which comprises of a surgeon’s console, robotic cart consisting of 4 surgeon manipulated arms and a HD 3-D visual system. During the robotic cardiac surgery the expert cardiac surgeon sits at the nearby computer console placed in the same Operation Theatre as the patient. Through the console the surgeon gets the 3-D magnified view of the surgical area. The computer console is attached to the various surgical instruments attached to the several robotic arms and helps the surgeon direct the robotic arm movements. The computer console translates the surgeon’s movements into the robotic arm movements which in turn carry out the procedure. Da Vinci surgical system has the tremor filter and controls for scaling the robotic arm movements.

When the surgeons perform the cardiac surgery manually then inspite of all the skills and the expertise the opening in the patient’s chest is large involving the splitting of the sternum and the retraction of the rib cage to get the clear access to the heart and the heart lung machine is needed to pump the blood in the body during the procedure. With the emergence of the revolutionary robotic cardiac surgery the entire procedure can be done with minimal invasion and maximum precision. Just 3-4 small ports in the chest are required to access every nook and corner of the heart. The robotic hands have the 360 degree range of movement making it possible to access every part of the heart.

Due to the minimal invasion of the chest tissues the healing time is much lesser and recovery of the patient is much faster than that in the conventional open heart surgeries. The patient can resume the regular activities in 2-3 weeks after the surgery.

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