Pregnancy is a very sensitive stage in a woman’s life. Undergoing a number of physical and hormonal changes, each day is a new challenge. We have always advocated a stress-free atmosphere for the mother-to-be. A recent study on a small group of 25 women, who have had emotionally stressful pregnancy and their children, now aged between 10 and 19 years, has stressed on a direct link with mental illness and behavioural problems.

The women in focus were those who had to face stress and domestic violence during their pregnancy. Researchers found that GR (glucocorticoid receptor gene) that fortifies and regulates the hormonal response of the body and mind to stress is altered in these children born to the studied mothers. The altered GR makes the individual hypersensitive mentally and hormonally and can get anxious and triggered easily on slightest impulse. Their ability to bear stress may be far lower as compared to the others.

Many experts opine that the psychological foundation begins since conception and thus the maternal psycho-social environment can have a great impact on the unborn baby in the womb. 

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